Tuesday 23 February 2021

Thurs 4 Feb - Show Nana our Fave Richmond Spots

 Gave Nana a great tour of our Nelson Top Spots:

The Junction - so love the ethos of this place!  Makes me want to move here!

Richmond Opp Shop Crawl - This Nelson suburb has the best op shops, so many, and all close together.  Brilliant!  I didn't even get tempted to buy a couch!  Did get a few nice finds though. Zachs best was some super comfy stretchy Nike shoes.

Nana went on a hunt for a fave spot of hers and Poppas, Lizette, Zach, and Matt went along.  Abbie and I went on a hunt of our own for a better filter tap and sink tap for the camper.  Great success.  They come much further over the sink and will be high enough now to get drink bottles under, and not so close to the edge that water splashes all over the bench.

Nana shouted fresh blue cod for dinner, Zach found gluten free crumbs, winning combination!  I cooked that up for dinner in this great carpark that has a little grass area, super for the boys.

Lizette went with Nana for the night to her air b'n'b, the rest of us dashed to Tahunanui for a super warm 7pm swim!  So nice!!

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