Wednesday 24 February 2021

Fri 5 Feb - Peanut Butter, Rabbits and Hats

 Collected Robin from the airport nice and early (everyone so excited for his surprise long weekend visit!!)

Time to fit those new taps, and speaking of fitting, only Zach could fit in the gap to get to them!!  Under Daniel's great guidance, Zach did a super job!

Next stop : Pic's Peanut Butter World!!  This place has been purpose designed to do the most amazing tours, and they're free too.

The boys won the prize for asking the most questions.

We had our pic with Pic (well a cutout of him!) and the toaster caravan.

The whole factory is designed so that tour groups can see everything, and the staff are all super friendly and interactive.

They have this amazing bike hooked up to a peanut butter grinder!  We might try and make one, very cool.

They finish the tour by giving tastes of fresh as peanut butter (still warm!), their new boysenberry jelly (no pips, perfect for fussy kids), and the just released Whittakers chocolate/PB combo.  Totally recommend it - very yummy!!!

A brief stop at Rabbit Island for a bite to eat (felt a bit ripped off - not one rabbit!). Robin tried convincing Matt that there were only rabbit tails left behind (those little fluffy plants, can't remember what they are called).

Off to Takaka, but only got to Mapua and stopped for some amazing fish and the best hat shop in the world!  All of us got new hats (Abbie chose the one she is holding, not wearing, forgot to take a pic of all the ones we actually bought!)


Finally over the hill (and we were feeling that way by now!) To a little camping ground in Takaka.  Amazing views on the way over!! Very hard to capture on a camera.

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