Saturday 23 January 2021

Thurs 21: Boogy Boarding Bonanza

Back to Waimarama Beach today. Enthusiastic showering children last night used all our fresh water, so first task : find a friendly local who'd let us use their hose. Not too hard, a lovely chap was out painting his fence and very happy to help. Being a father of 7, he totally understood children taking long showers!

Nice and sunny but a cool breeze, so we were very thankful for wetsuits to soften the chill of the water.

Everyone enjoyed the swells and boogy boarding. I (Donna) had my first ever success on a board, thanks to great tips and coaching from Lizette. I loved it! Caught about 20 waves. (now have really sore arms!). Zach is a whizz at catching waves, makes it look so easy!

Matt preferred making soggy sandcastles. He set a goal of making a higher one each time we go to a beach. 

A quick stop at Donna's Dad's, then her mum's, then on the road to Tikokino to park up for the night. 

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