Friday 22 January 2021

Wed 20 Jan: Sun & Surf at last

Abbie starts the day her favourite way... Surrounded by books
Pandora Pond was way too windy to go kayaking despite the weather forecast. We see some swimming flags out on Marine Parade where Napier Hill blocks the wind, but only good for paddling feet and skimming stones. 
Meet a lovely lifeguard Sarah who had just been out at Waimarama Beach a few hours ago and says it's perfect, so we're off! 
Robin, Lizette, Zach and Matthew are straight in for boogy boarding while Abbie and I make lunch. Very thankful tummies arrive back to hot sweetcorn and tomatoe/cheese toasties. (thanks to Nana's garden!)
Plenty of volunteers to try out the new camping chairs. 

Robin and I take a walk and find a funky letterbox. Love how creative people are brave enough to be at beach properties. 

Another swim then we're off to an amazing location for the night : Maraetōtara Falls. A beautiful short bush walk leads to magical scene. 
Matty, Lizette and Zach are the brave souls who try out the icy water. 
They have great fun being human outboard motors for a log! 


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Wed 10 Feb - Checking Out Murchison

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