Wednesday 24 February 2021

Sat 6 Feb - Takaka Market & Kayaking Adventure at Tata Beach

 Takaka Saturday market, full of all sorts of eclectic, alternative & natural product stalls. Homeschooling hippie-at-heart family like us fit right in!  Top features: a Pirate selling Slushys!

Also a lovely chap, very chatty, makes creations with interesting pieces of wood, beach finds, and resin. This is my fave:

Off to Tata Beach... paused at Pohara Beach as we saw the most unusual sight - a heap of people dancing the Argentinian Tango (we later discovered) on the beach, big thing pumping out music and all!  They were people from all over NZ, from a club that had come together for a weekend of dancing their favourite dance. Tomorrow night they dance in the Ballroom Cave, how cool! Robin and I had a quick go at joining in, we amused club members with our clumsiness and had a great laugh! Tata Beach is a perfect spot for kayaking, a couple of small islands just off the shore and lots of little bays around the corner. This was at the end of the day, you can just see one of the islands we went around on the right.

Took a while to get our 3 double kayaks inflated, but everyone helped.  We went around two islands then to a lovely secluded wee bay, this panoramic shot makes it look more curved than it was:

The wind was a bit fresh, but as my good friend Pam says "there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing". So wetsuits and wind breakers were the ticket today.

My darling man wrote me a sweet message in stones on the beach.

We held our kayaks together on the way home and made our own hilarious 'trimaran' and teamwork paddled home, letting the tired ones have a rest in the middle.

A quick swim in the beautiful warm and clear water. The golden sand particles are quite large, so heavy enough to sink well leaving the water crystal clear even where the waves were crashing. Tired bodies off home for dinner and a good clean and pack up of the kayaks.  Amazing sunset in Takaka..

What an awesome adventure day!  So nice to have Robin to share it with us :)

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