Tuesday 16 February 2021

We'd 27 Jan - The Mail Boat, Pelourus Sounds

A cracker day in Havelock, perfect for the 10am-4pm trip on the mail boat. What a gloriously peaceful place. Can imagine staying in a house there one day for six months and writing a book or something! Quite isolating to live there long term. 
Meet a lovely lady on the boat who had lived there most her life. She was on her way to a family wedding.
Once the boat got going, you really had to hold onto your hat! I did a Jackie O impression with my sarong to cover my ears - cold sea breeze! 
Mussel farms

Matty loved following the map tracking all the bays and stops. 
the assistant on the boat passed boxes and mail bags out, collected mail, recycling etc, and always had a treat ready for any dogs that came to "help". They knew it too, very sweet. 
Quick dinner with our good friend Daniel Farley when we arrived in Nelson in the evening, before shooting through to Motueka where Mitre 10 kindly let us camp in their carpark. Great idea, as I bought something there in the morning.
Beautiful sunset on the way to Motueka! 

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