Thursday 18 February 2021

Sun 31 Jan - Goodbye Robin

Started the day with a great time at the Nelson City Sunday Market. A few bargains there.

Then some lunch, a swim and great chats with David and Rosemary Riddell. They have a great new book out BTW called Wisdom 101, written with teens and young adults in mind, though I'm sure I'll get a heap of of it too. (Abbie will be bringing home a box to sell on their behalf, if anyone is keen on a copy, flick her a message). 
A dash to the airport and its goodbye to Robin, sadly heading back to work (not totally sadly, he does have an awesome job which we are very thankful for!)

Spotted bouncy castles just down the road at Tahunanui Beach, so stopped for a play and ice creams before heading to Blenheim to meet up with Nana (Donna's mum) who came on the ferry today.

Stayed all together at a camp ground just out of Blenheim for a few nights. 

A swim, watermelon, washing done and nice hot showers were the perfect end to the day. Such a magical starry sky, photo doesn't do it justice!

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