Thursday 18 February 2021

Fri 29 Jan - Best Discovery Ever!

Off from Motueka this morning, but not before buying a couch! And it was Robins idea this time (for those who know my couch buying habit! Lol), a fold out camping one, great investment. Then we discovered the coolest place ever this morning a bit by chance. Robin (the darling!) noticed the sewing /craft sign and thought I'd like to take a look... But we found so much more at "The Junction" in Richmond, Nelson.
The plastic free refillery:
A beautifully designed vege and meat store called Connings with a cafe in the middle of it!

The boys were darlings, came up to me ask excited and said they had found a great surprise and led me eyes covered into this place, then surrounded by a colour explosion of fabrics they let me open my eyes. Not sure if I was more delighted with the fabrics or the way the boys were so excited to surprise me.
Robin found his own haven full of cheeses and other weird things. They even did "cheese" cakes for weddings! Great savoury idea! To top it all off this is the base for She Sheds, these are so cool, I am keen to build one one day. This place has me wanting to move to Nelson! 
Spent second half of the day at Daniels where he and Robin fitted our WiFi aerial thingy. 

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