Wednesday 20 January 2021

We're on our way.... almost

Saturday 16th Jan 2021
After months of preparation and planning, packing and configuring our camper we were on our way heading to the ferry terminal for a 5 p.m. sailing.. 

Well we made it just north of Levin and had some transmission / engine troubles. 

We limped into Levin, parked up near the adventure park so the kids could play and waited for the AA to come and rescue us. 

Sounds a bit stink, but let's count some blessings. 
  • Broke down just prior to the 2hour-before-sailing deadline to change our ferry booking. 
  • AA motorhome plus coverage (free towing) 
  • 12 month mechanical guarantee on the motorhome (free fix)
  • The kids favourite park to play at.
  • A good friend (thanks Gary) who happened to have just purchased a vehicle with enough seats to take the family back to home. 
  • A quiet nights sleep for Robin waiting for the tow truck. 
  • Gary got to share Jesus with a hitchhiker. That wouldn't have happened if we hadn't broken down
  • We broke-down close to home 
  • The biggest blessing was having an extra day to spend time with a dear friend who just lost her hubby.

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