Sunday, July 24, 2011

Electrical Department Now Open

Spread the word, Robin is now a Registered Electrician.
Here's the proof

When I was 18 I began an electrical apprenticeship and changed careers before getting registered. I have done electrical tasks since then, including wiring our own house, but until now had to get another sparky to sign-off the work. In June I completed the final step and now I am all wired up and ready for action.

The IT side of the business will still have a major focus, however now I can compliment this with power related jobs such as:

  • portable appliance testing and tagging (3760)
  • power sockets - hotpoints
  • lighting
  • computer cabling / networking
  • phone cabling / voip
  • home automation
  • Home wiring
Call me for any electrical related tasks +64-6-9294141


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